Joseph Milano, P.E.

    Joseph Milano, P.E., first introduced and marketed shared multimedia communications systems for the New York World Trade Center. He originated, marketed and implemented the concepts of Teleports and Knowledge Teleports (K-Ports).

    Director Milano manages the network team of university educators and administrators of the World Training Institute and works closely with our telecommunications specialists in designing efficient, secure broadcast systems.

    As consultants, knowledge managers, and technical experts, his team can help you create and operate your own corporate virtual university, secure in the knowledge that your electronic broadcast system meets or surpasses the highest industry standards for efficiency and security.

    Mr. Milano and his team design web-based universities, customized to meet your specific organizational, educational or training needs, providing content from the most difficult technical subject matter to training in communications and organizational development. Our expert coaches and trainers work closely with your subject matter experts-providing services to your desired audience, anywhere in the world.

    Employees can be officially certified, improving recruitment and staff retention. Moreover, if desired, our experts will train your staff in generally accepted business practices so that your educational or training group can become a profit center by offering programs to customers or to the general public.

    Joeseph Milano is also President of ELAN QUESTX L.L.C., and is a partner in the Consortium for Electronic Learning with the Rutgers University Center for Mathematics, Science and Computer Education. He also serves on the advisory board for the Business Education Program in the School of Education at New York University.