As a result of taking our seminars for certification in INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS, you become more efficient in applying the principles, assumptions, and guidelines that result in a successful, self-motivated team.

The World Training Institute provides you with effective training solutions. From raising capital for your enterprise, to developing secure auditing and financial controls in your organization to managing integrated communications with lenders, customers, clients, managers, employees - - you will find it here.
Our global training programs combine the rigors of account management training with the passion of the creative artist - - essential parts of the mix required for any successful enterprise.

The INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS certification program uses content adapted from state-accredited programs designed for Certified Public Accountants . You get the most useful information needed to produce effective integrated communications.

Successful completion of our certification program affirms that you have demonstrated an understanding of the relevant best business practices required to finance, market, advertise, and manage your enterprise.

Through our consultation and training programs, as well as our interactive computer-based training (CBT) program for the Intranet and Internet, you acquire immediate access to our network of experts for well-formulated solutions to problems as they occur.

Some people need more help and training time than others. Our one-on-one interactive dialogue with you and our on-demand, 24 hours, 7 days a week availability offer critical advantages over a traditional seminar-based curriculum.

For more information regarding interactive programs or technical details on our highly-secured, Virtual Private Network (VPN) for using your LAN, WAN, or telephone system as a training platform, please Contact.

These programs are designed for decision makers in economic development agencies, and start-up corporations and non-government organizations worldwide. The program is customized to address your specific needs.