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Andromeda Galaxy
People like superlatives however unrelated to your topic. However, it is a good basis for comparisons suggesting degrees of significance as a metaphor. This galaxy packs many superlatives in its image. The Andromeda Galaxy is the largest object you can see with the naked eye [over 200,000 light-years making it more than twice the size of the Milky Way].  The galaxy, Andromeda , is also the furthest object that is visible (over two million light years away) to the naked eye.
 It is also the oldest object
[it is at least two million years old] you can resolve with your eyes. Many stars are visible and older but you cannot see them except as points of light. Andromeda appears to be a fuzzy, cloudy patch of light [hence our term, nebulous] located near the easy-to-find constellation, Cassiopeia . The galaxy is most visible in the northern sky towards the end of autumn and beginning of winter. The constellation of Andromeda is simple to locate: a imaginary line from the Pole Star through the 'W' of Cassiopeia leads directly to it, and the pale form of the Andromeda Galaxy is not hard to find in its central regions. For more information.

Andromeda Galaxy - close up.

Andromeda Galaxy
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