Certification Program:
Benefiting from Cultural Diversity

Using proven training methods demonstrating that immediate feedback greatly increases long-term learning retention, our certification program in managing cultural diversity requires active learning behavior and thoughtful participant responses. Based on your training needs analyses, the World Training Institute will customize programs for your needs and the needs of the participants.

(See also our on-site, one to two-day programs in Managing Cultural Diversity.)

Some people require more help and training time than others. "One size fits all" training seminars often allow people who need help the most to be neglected and thus to remain a legal risk to your firm or agency.

Our one-on-one interactive dialogue with the learner and the on-demand, 24 hours, 7 days a week availability are critical advantages over passive film or video and stand-up, instructor - dependent classroom seminars.

The World Training Institute provides you with a performance guarantee unique in the training industry: 100% of clients completing our customized course will score 100% on the competence examination, or we will work with those clients until that standard is reached.


Discussions, case studies and role plays demonstrate how to define and how to recognize potential risks, that is, the spectrum of circumstances and behavior under which a behavior might be legally construed as discriminatory and thus expose your organization to legal action.


Research indicates the need to train all employees in order to encourage harmony in the workplace. Managers especially must be aware of potential risks to the firm and handle problems before complaints occur.

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